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Commercial and Residential Lawn Care Services in Jackson, MI

There is nothing like seeing a beautiful and clean maintained lawn that stays immaculate week in and week out. Save time and get your weekends back and let ABC Lawn Maintenance get the work done for you. Here are some of our commercial and residential lawn care services:

• Mowing • Spring / Fall Leaf Cleanups • Lawn Aerating and Over Seeding • Brush Hoging

Pressure Washing

At ABC Lawn Maintenance have been mowing over our competition for over 12 years and we provide in making all of our work unbeatable with low rates. We’re sorry; we’re a bit meticulous. We love seeing your face when we’re done. Your smile and joy at having your house back from the clutches of evil clutter makes all our efforts worth it.

Pressure washing is done for surfaces that may become grubby or are susceptible to mold growth. It is generally recommended that annual pressure washing maintenance be done to maintain a healthy home. We pressure wash: 

Corner Lot Landscape Design, Jackson, MI

Spring and Fall Leaf Cleanup

Leaf removal sounds simple but is a lot of hard work. Let the experts at ABC Lawn Maintenance and Snow Plowing in Jackson, Michigan, take care of your leaf removal woes. Admit it: you have a love-hate relationship with the trees in your backyard. Yes, they’re beautiful, and the little ones can play on them; but really! Those leaves! They clog up drains, mess up your equipment, and make your lawn look like it was sprinkled with potato chips. Let’s not even get started on what your neighbors say about your lawn.

Call us in Jackson, Michigan, and maintain the beauty of your garden with our professional power washing and lawn services.

House Side View of Landscape Design, Jackson, MI

Front of House Lawn Care, Jackson, MI